How Software Principles Can Guide Business Transformation

How Software Principles Can Guide Business Transformation


Agile methodology. Open architecture. These familiar terms within the software development community can be applied to the operational side of business as well.


Business process optimization is something that organizations across the globe often struggle mightily with – but it doesn’t have to be that way. When combined with common sense and some good old-fashioned discipline, business process improvements such as smoother procedures, more efficient workflows and overall growth are yours for the taking.


Our president, Steve Press, recently penned an article in CIOReview magazine about how software principles can be used to guide business transformation. It’s a great read – check it out here.


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Personalization is not just for monogrammed sweaters and tchotchkes – it’s also vital to the online consumer experience! When it comes to the travel industry, a personalized web experience can affect the length of time that consumers stay on your site, which can lead to more purchases.

We’ve blogged before about the important role of dynamic content in personalizing the consumer experience. But now, we’ve gone a step further – creating a series of tips to assist travel companies in their quest to set their agents up for success through the power of dynamic content. Hint: it really can

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Software & Technology Best CMS Award

Extra, Extra, Read All About It! 

Webtreepro Wins Best CMS Product

So many of our wonderful customers already know about all the great things that Webtreepro can do to make their lives easier – and now Corporate America Magazine agrees!

We’re thrilled to announce that Webtreepro just notched "Best Content Management Product" in the annual Software & Technology Awards. These awards pay homage to the organizations and individuals driving innovation and changing the way companies do business for the better.

Webtreepro was selected in part for its unique ability to instantly serve up dynamic content to one site, or thousands, at the push of a button. According to a spokesperson from Corporate America: "Webtreepro offers a powerful web CMS solution for marketers seeking to maximize brand presence throughout a network of websites."

Check out the magazine article for all the details.


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