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CLARITY Wednesday: Recruiting & Retention in Focus

Did you know that it costs 33% of a worker’s annual salary to replace them if they leave?

To say technology factors into people’s job-hunting decisions would be an understatement. Nobody takes a new job in hopes of doing an overabundance of manual work; they accept positions because they have ideas and expertise to offer. Today’s candidates are savvier than ever about making sure prospective employers are equipped with the technology that will empower them to bring those ideas to fruition. 

3 Recruiting & Retention Facts Worth Considering: 

  • Knowledgeable workers today want to advance their skills and have the opportunity to grow and build. Questions about the technology they’ll be using if they join are a key way candidates will screen your organization for a good fit.
  • Today’s workforce, especially digital natives, have been spoiled by Facebook, Apple, Amazon, and Google. These tech behemoths have set the bar for information access, personalization, and connection — and the modern worker expects that ease of use everywhere they go. 
  • According to a recent study, 87% of human resources leaders have placed their employee retention attempts as a #1 priority for the next few years. 

Assess the Value of Recruiting & Retention to Your Organization

The technology your company uses to manage and produce work can greatly impact the level of talent you’re able to bring in the door. People want to work on modern and emerging tech. 

What value do you place on researching, implementing, and training your staff on current technology capabilities across appropriate departments (e.g., marketing, finance, operations, customer support, etc.)? 

Determine Your Organization's Related Pain & Frustration

In order to fully assess your level of pain (and frustration!) it’s helpful to know where you want to be. So…what does good look like?

A low pain example of Recruiting & Retention would be:

Our existing software tools and/or computing infrastructure is aligned with current technologies. We have superior tech that attracts top talent, and it rarely is a factor in staff attrition. 

What is your organization's level of pain as it relates to Recruiting & Retention? 

The CLARITY Assessment™

In the CLARITY Assessment™ we focus on 7 key company objectives. Above, we touched on recruiting and retention, which is one of 5 categories related to the broader objective of Learning & Development:

Customer Relations
Learning & Development 

  • Recruiting & Retention
  • Employee Productivity 
  • Data-Driven Decision Making 
  • Single Source of Truth  
  • Employee Training 

Agile Operations
Risk Management
Information Technology
Technological Innovation
Yield (Financial)

Almost every company worldwide is in some stage of their own digital transformation journey. You’re invited to take the CLARITY Assessment™, with the goal of helping to define your own company priorities in your digital transformation journey. Click here to experience it now.

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