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CLARITY Wednesday: Single Source of Truth in Focus

A single source of truth (SSOT) is the practice of aggregating the data from many systems within an organization to a single location. A SSOT is not a system, tool, or strategy, but rather a state of being for a company’s data in that it can all be found via a single reference point.  

3 SSOT Facts Worth Considering: 

  • Employees increasingly expect one login to work across the board within an organization. They expect consistent user experiences across the entire software landscape and expect different systems to have common traits. 
  • Employees also expect to be able to apply their knowledge of navigating one system to apply to another system. Integrations that bridge the seams between disparate interfaces, are helping to turn these expectations into reality. 
  • Almost 70% of CFOs agree that their companies struggle with data-related issues such as organizing multiple sources of data, low data accuracy, and poor data accessibility. 

Assess the Value of SSOT to Your Organization

Data often exists in various systems across an organization. When these systems exist in silos it poses a challenge for businesses looking to make data-driven decisions, as not all members of the organization are operating off the same data. 

What value do you place on ensuring your company data is managed as a critical asset and is monitored for integrity, accuracy, completeness, and traceability to efficiently support your organizational goals? 

Determine Your Organization's Related Pain & Frustration 

In order to fully assess your level of pain (and frustration!) it’s helpful to know where you want to be. So…what does good look like?  

A low pain example of emphasizing SSOT would be: Our employees never have to input duplicate data in multiple systems. Our company data is managed as a critical asset and is monitored for integrity, accuracy, completeness, and traceability to efficiently support our organizational goals. We can confidently extract, report and make information-based decisions. 

What is your organization's level of pain as it relates to the concept of Single Source of Truth? 

The CLARITY Assessment™

In the CLARITY Assessment™ we focus on 7 key company objectives. Above, we touched on Single Source of Truth, which is one of 5 categories related to the broader objective of Learning & Development:  

Customer Relations
earning & Development 

  • Recruiting & Retention 
  • Employee Productivity 
  • Data-Driven Decision Making 
  • Single Source of Truth
  • Employee Training 

Agile Operations
isk Management
nformation Technology 
echnological Innovation
ield (Financial)

Almost every company worldwide is in some stage of their own digital transformation journey. You’re invited to take the CLARITY Assessment™, with the goal of helping to define your own company priorities in your digital transformation journey. Click here to experience it now. 

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