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Culture of Innovation in Focus - CLARITY Wednesday

Great leaders make smart decisions, but they also know they can’t — and shouldn’t — do it all alone. Leading is as much about listening, mentoring, trusting and empowering your teams as it is about anything else.

3 Culture of Innovation Facts Worth Considering:

  • We all know data matters, but can you measure something as intangible as innovation and ideas? You can, as long as you look long and hard at what you’re going to measure. Whatever your industry, you’ll need numbers on customer activity in relation to your product or service — that’s a no brainer — but look elsewhere too.
  • According to Accenture’s 2015 US Innovation Survey, 60% of companies admitted they did not learn from past mistakes in relation to their approach to corporate innovation.
  • 72% of organizations polled said they often missed opportunities to exploit underdeveloped areas or markets. Ironically, many of the same companies indicated they were highly confident in their innovation performance.

Assess the Value of Encouraging a Culture of Innovation to Your Organization

To truly create a culture of innovation, you must be willing to encourage action on innovative ideas, not just produce continual conceptual chatter. -Harvard Business Review

What value do you place on creating an environment that is conducive to innovation, considering methods such as culture, reward, collaboration, technology forums and mechanics to promote and capture employee ideas?

Determine Your Organization's Related Pain & Frustration

In order to fully assess your level of pain (and frustration!) it’s helpful to know where you want to be. So…what does good look like?

A low pain example of Having a Culture of Innovation: The culture of innovation is ingrained into the ethos of my organization. Employees are purposefully encouraged and rewarded for exploring challenging new ideas.

What is your organization's level of pain as it relates to your Culture of Innovation?

The CLARITY Assessment™

In the CLARITY Assessment™ we focus on 7 key company objectives. Above, we touched on the Culture of Innovation, which is one of 5 categories related to the broader objective of Technological Innovation:

Customer Relations
Learning & Development
Agile Operations
Risk Management
Information Technology
Technological Innovation

  • Innovation Strategy
  • Product Innovation
  • Process Innovation
  • Culture of Innovation
  • Innovation Education

Yield (Financial)

Almost every company worldwide is in some stage of their own digital transformation journey. You’re invited to take the CLARITY Assessment™, with the goal of helping to define your own company priorities in your digital transformation journey. Click here to experience it now.

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