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Marketing to Own the $83 Billion Travel-Agency Channel

Fun fact: The modern travel agency first appeared in the 19th century. Since then, the travel industry has evolved. From supporting agents with new technologies to designing websites that showcase the most up-to-date travel offers, it’s always been critical that agents have the marketing tools to enhance the customer journey.

In fact, in today’s climate – it’s prime time for agents to get personal. Why? The $83 billion travel-agency channel is back in business, scoring a whopping 50% increase in interest from Millennial travelers.
Travel-industry marketing and research firm MMGY recently found that more than 9 million U.S. travelers will work with a travel professional to help them book a trip this year – resulting in the use of travel agents being at a six-year high.

"As these travelers are vacationing more and spending more on leisure travel than those booking on their own, travel agent users are becoming a more desirable segment for both destinations and travel service providers," the report said.

This amounts to a great opportunity for travel professionals to make online experiences and promotions much more personal – ultimately helping to shorten the sales cycle and boost their bottom line. So how do you stay ahead of the competition? One sure method is called Dynamic Content.  Check it out here.

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