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Process Innovation in Focus - CLARITY Wednesday

The application of digital transformation initiatives to significantly improve digital technologies to improve the efficiency and quality of supporting activities is considered to be process innovation.

3 Process Innovation Facts Worth Considering:

  • To ensure that everyone has access to the information required to pursue digital process innovations, companies must establish a single system of record across all functions, divisions, and geographies.
  • IT executives will need to get buy-in for digital process innovations from the business side; they will need to demonstrate how the pursuit of new, technology-enabled ways of working is in direct service to desired business outcomes.
  • A focus on the implementation of new or enhanced technology-enabled ways of working—or digital process innovation—can help companies simplify the technology landscape, reduce overall IT costs, and bring products and services to market quicker, thereby realizing greater earnings potential.

Assess the Value of Process Innovation to Your Organization

Process innovation happens when an organization improves the way it does business to be smarter, faster, and more efficient.

What value do you place on working with relevant stakeholders to understand their challenges such that opportunities for process improvement are exposed and innovative solutions can be evaluated?

Determine Your Organization's Related Pain & Frustration

In order to fully assess your level of pain (and frustration!) it’s helpful to know where you want to be. So…what does good look like?

A low pain example of Process Innovation: Our organization embraces the concept of continuous process innovation. We regularly seek input from relevant stakeholders to understand challenges in the business that may hamper productivity as well as opportunities and ideas that would further enhance their efficiency.

What is your organization's level of pain as it relates to Process Innovation?

The CLARITY Assessment™

In the CLARITY Assessment™ we focus on 7 key company objectives. Above, we touched on Process Innovation, which is one of 5 categories related to the broader objective of Technological Innovation:

Customer Relations
Learning & Development
Agile Operations
Risk Management
Information Technology
Technological Innovation

  • Innovation Strategy
  • Product Innovation
  • Process Innovation
  • Culture of Innovation
  • Innovation Education

Yield (Financial)

Almost every company worldwide is in some stage of their own digital transformation journey. You’re invited to take the CLARITY Assessment™, with the goal of helping to define your own company priorities in your digital transformation journey. Click here to experience it now.

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