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Technological Adaptability in Focus - CLARITY Wednesday

Effective digital transformation isn’t about just controlling and enabling the status quo. It’s about understanding how to triangulate new technologies, market changes, corporate capabilities, and building a transformation plan accordingly.

3 Technological Adaptability Facts Worth Considering:

  • Technological adaptability is the ability to learn and comprehend new technology with confidence and without fear.
  • Being even somewhat adaptable is required to function in our world of changing technology. Being truly adaptable in technological environments is a highly prized skill in today’s workplace.
  • Executives leading transformation in their organizations understand that there will be no steady state for the foreseeable future. From a technology standpoint, that means building flexibility into systems and architectures, and using platforms, reusable components, and APIs.

Assess the Value of Technological Adaptability to Your Organization

If you don’t continue to evolve and change your business models, you’ll be left behind. Woolworth’s could have been the next Walmart; Blockbuster could have been the next Netflix. They could have done something, but they just didn’t evolve. -Walmart Executive

What value do you place on regularly soliciting and evaluating potential IT innovation in order to enable your organization to respond to new opportunities or challenges, increase competitiveness, or improve processes?

Determine Your Organization's Related Pain & Frustration

In order to fully assess your level of pain (and frustration!) it’s helpful to know where you want to be. So…what does good look like?

A low pain example of Technological Adaptability would be: We actively research, evaluate, acquire and train on new software products and tools to help ensure peak operational efficiency and to remain competitive in our marketplace.

What is your organization's level of pain as it relates to Technological Adaptability?

The CLARITY Assessment™

In the CLARITY Assessment™ we focus on 7 key company objectives. Above, we touched on Technological Adaptability, which is one of 5 categories related to the broader objective of Information Technology:

Customer Relations
Learning & Development
Agile Operations
Risk Management
Information Technology

  • The Modern IT Department 
  • Technological Adaptability
  • Technological Scalability 
  • Increased Automation 
  • Agile Methodologies 

Technological Innovation
Yield (Financial)

Almost every company worldwide is in some stage of their own digital transformation journey. You’re invited to take the CLARITY Assessment™, with the goal of helping to define your own company priorities in your digital transformation journey. Click here to experience it now.

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